Over here : what I have to offer

I could tell you about my skills
or I could show you.
I think I’ll do both.

| Copy & Editorial | Online & Social Media Content | Design | Website Management | Audio & Visual Editing |

Copy & Editorial:

Foodbank Victoria

Copy wrote and edited the organization’s annual reports and marketing collateral for fundraising & awareness campaigns.

Foodbank-Victoria-Annual-Report_2010-2011-1 Foodbank-Victoria-Annual-Report_2011-20121-1 Foodbank-Vic-End-Hunger-Report-2013-1

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Online and Social Media Content:

If you head over to a bit on the side, you’ll see some examples of editorial writing in an online environment.

Foodbank Victoria

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> Instagram
image FBV_Instagram_Milk FBV_Instagram_TShirts FBV_Instagram_Eggs

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Adobe Creative Suite:

duddo&leanne Mikey
Freelance work for local company drycleaning@work GiftCards-1
FlexibleRespitePrograms_Brochure_140725-1 KokodaGalaInvite

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Website Management:

Two of the websites I have either project managed or assisted in the planning and development. I have also been responsible for managing content and scheduling following their respective launches.

foodbank-website osgoodepd-website

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Audio & Visual Editing:

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If you liked what you’ve seen here, give me a call or email me (both details you’ll find on my resume & Cover Letter in your possession) . We can have a chat a little more about what I can do for you and what a great addition I’ll be to the team – Sarah