After realising I could fly to Vietnam & back in November with the same amount of money it would cost me to go to Splendour, I thought this year I would pass on the magnificence that is the music festival.

However, even though Melbs is that little bit too far from Woodfordia, I’ve still been able to catch some pretty spiffy sideshows.

Warpaint’s gig last Thursday at live music stalwart, The Corner, was the first. The four girl line up did not disappoint with their performance.

The crowd was left satisfied with all the favourites and a decent length set. Playing close to, if not over, an hour, Warpaint hypnotized with their psych meets progressive strummings.

Elephants, Composure and Bees were performed at a new level, leaving the album versions distant memories. But it was a dark take on 60’s Mowtown classic My Guy & the breakthrough cover of Tool’s Undertow that proved crowd favourites.

The encore featured an extended acoustic version of Baby by guitarist & singer Emily Kokal, so beautifully haunting, she managed to draw the attention of every person in the room & command stillness purely with her song. The evening finished on a high with a ten minute jam session that was equally enjoyable for Warpaint as for the crowd.

All in all, a sublime evening and now a hankering for their next album.



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