Francesco Brigida; a moment in time

Jil Sander, Francesco Brigida

I am not the wisest when it comes to fashion.

I tend to think it rocks when I’m inside my room and once I step over the threshold into the hall and catch a glimpse of my roomie and realise, I need to get a clue.

Jil Sander AW11, Francesco Brigida

Now my sister on the other hand is one of those people that could look elegant with a half shaven head in vintage Dior, for example. Myself, not so much.

One thing though, I am quite the fan of the combination of fashion and photography. When light, hue and fabric fuse and create something that goes purely beyond a runaway shot or promo picture.

Prada AW11, Francesco Brigida

…which brings me to Francesco Brigida

Unfortunately I’m unable to find out much about. The most I could stumble upon was a little snippet from AnOther, who have been publishing his work since this time last year. These most recent pictures are from Francesco’s coverage of the Milan fashion week that is currently taking place.

Prada AW11, Francesco Brigida Prada AW11, Francesco Brigida

“Francesco Brigida is a freelance photographer. His work has been published in magazines The Rolling Stone, Encens, Surface, Grey and Rodeo amongst others”

What caught my eye with these pieces is how they differ from your traditional fashion show image. They capture the moment, as it passes.

The fleeting colours and the effect they leave. Francesco does have quite the extensive portfolio ranging from fashion to portraits of businessmen and entertainers alike. His work features layers, movement and the starkness of light and dark…well, through my eyes…

Jil SanderAW11, Francesco Brigida

– made my day


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