new project: tinkering

You’re looking at my most recent project – bike recovery or attempt to restore this vehicle to it’s former glory.

After a quick observation with my untrained eye, it looks as though I’ve got quite the job ahead of me; lick of paint, new brakes, possibly new front wheel & a seat (four rows of springs covered by a weathered piece of leather isn’t too appealing on even my rather accommodating kabushula).

And I must confess, Im not the handiest or most educated on the engineering of a bike.
Now, if my old man Johnny was still with us, he’d say “Right, Sarah, we’ll start on the wheel…what you need is steel wool & elbow grease..”.

So if any of you are handy with this sort of thing, feel free to leave a comment. But stay tuned for updates.

I’m actually rather excited.

-made my (Satur)day


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