talk about a bad week….

REUTERS/Grace Liang

Well, this week was your quitessential bad week for those of us with 1st world problems.

Favourite watch broke (as seen in previous post) ridiculous parking fine from my lovely city and to round out the week, lost my job today (which is most probably a blessing in disguise cause that was one toxic workplace). And I assure you, although it slightly resembles a country ‘n western song – no offensive Ms Parton- it did all happen

So as I fret over rent, bills and any other problem a ‘grown up’ deals with I stumbled across this little pearler that brough a sense of perspective to it all.

REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

Totally Cool Pix posted its first feature back during the Haiti earthquake disaster January 2010. Since then they’ve been covering natural and man made disasters, uprisings and events around the world since. Pulling these fascinating images from Reuters‘ foreign correspondents, the result are emotive, fascinating and sometimes disturbingly real images capturing the heat of the moment.


REUTERS/Takaharu Town Office/Handout – made my day




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